Companies of the incubator

AgrOnov s’inscrit dans un réseau de partenaires institutionnels, d’acteurs clés de la filière agricole et de la recherche agronomique. Ce réseau dynamique, composé de partenariats concrets, constitue des atouts considérables pour le pôle AgrOnov.


Development of a test strip capable of determining the strain responsible for bovine infections such as bovine mastitis (inflammation of bacterial origin of the udder in mammals)







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Customized services in microbiology, Plant Pathology and Plant Health. Expertise in the field of crop protection as weel as fertilizer / biostimulant.

  1. Know-how in Microbiology, Plant Pathology & Plant Health
  2. R & D in plant protection (biological control, stimulation of natural defenses)
  3. R & D in bio-fertilization, selection of microorganisms stimulating plant growth
  4. R & D in sanitary quality of crop soils
  5. Expertise in the field of regulation, constitution of regulatory files. Professional training
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A radiance for research. Specialist in radiation processing for plant research, biotechnology, component testing and electronic products in the space field.

  1. Creation of new plant varieties and development of experimental protocols
  2. Conditioning and treatment of cells for preclinical research (oncology …)
  3. Insect sterilization (pest control, epidemiological control)
  4. Provision of processing service to analyze electronic equipment and software and systems testing
  5. Help to preserve manuscripts and ancient objects, sterilization.
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Inoculum Plus

Start-up specialized in the design, development and application of biological products based on fungi forming mycorrhizae and other microorganisms beneficial for the growth and protection of plants.

  1. R & D projects with national and European collaborations for the development of new formulations
  2. Design, development and distribution of biological products for plant growth and health
  3. Service delivery / decision support through microbiological analysis of soils
  4. Collection of Mycorrhizal Fungi Strains for Agriculture
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As an agro-environmental biotechnology company, Inoplant has mastered all the techniques and services needed to produce high value-added plants.



  1. Production of plants with high added value
  2. Propagation of plants under greenhouse or In Vitro
  3. Backup of plant material by cryopreservation
  4. Soil and plant health and quality
  5. Optimization of soil-plant interaction using beneficial microorganisms
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A company specialized in phytodiagnostics, Sediag offers a wide range of diagnostic kits as well as a service for the analysis and manufacture of antibodies.



  1. Production and sale of diagnostic kits
  2. Development and production of monoclonal antibodies
  3. Diagnosis of the main vine diseases
  4. Analysis of mycotoxins in cereals
  5. Analyzes of nitrogen residues in soil
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Microbiological analysis at the service of your crops. Laboratory for the analysis of beneficial microbial flora of soils.




  1. Analyze beneficial soil microbial flora
  2. Conducting R & D projects
  3. Conduct comparative efficacy tests
  4. Develop innovative, environmentally friendly products
  5. Facilitate specialized training
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Trois bulbes

Creator of onions varieties in accordance to the agronomic and industrial needs of the sector.

  1. Research and Development to meet the requirements of the agri-food sector
  2. Production and marketing of onion and bulbous plants (Sanitary quality – Strong start-up force – Simplification of technical itineraries – Competitive varieties)
  3. Multiplication of seeds in partnership with the professionals of the sector (Mastery of the upstream – Seeds produced in France)
  4. Creation of innovative onion varieties (Disease tolerance – Yield – Agronomic behavior – Agri-food chain requirements)
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Accompagnies innovative projects, from design to realization, benefiting from the scientific expertise of 200 researchers from Burgundy.


  1. Provision of services and research and development in soil microbiology and in the field of genetics and plant health
  2. Transfer of technology and knowledge in the world of research and the industrial world
  3. Supply of equipment and technology to enterprises
  4. Implementation of service contracts
  5. Network supported by 200 researchers from Burgundy
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