AgrOnov, accelerating agricultural innovation

AgrOnov gives structures related to agriculture the chance to take root within a dynamic incubator and develop the network they need to further their growth for a progressive agriculture that is both profitable and responsible. This cooperation promotes the growth of start-ups, gains in competitiveness of the major businesses and accelerates innovation and its transfer. AgrOnov’s objective is truly aimed at creating added value for all actors in the supply chain.

AgrOnov also makes available to its users an incubator with offices, meeting rooms and common areas, as well as greenhouses, laboratories and experimental fields.

Today, this ecosystem is in the heart of the Burgundy Franche-Comté region, but the partnerships it is developing mean it extends throughout France and internationally.

Our missions

As a network, AgrOnov aims to:

Our actions

To carry out its missions, AgrOnov develops a set of actions: